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End Of Lease Cleaning In Parkdale – Accomplish It In Few Hours

“Are you leaving your property and seeking professional end of lease cleaning in Parkdale? Then seek out NoXplode, a local company that provides end of tenancy cleaning in Parkdale, Melbourne. NoXplode is known for its professional cleaning services which are guaranteed for one year.” These are words from the local Parkdale Residents’ Association, written in early October, just before the end of the year. That was true only up until early November, when I visited the office of Parkdale landlord, John Alexander.

On arrival, I was greeted by a friendly team of cleaners who immediately made an effort to establish how we might benefit from their cleaning services. They were keen to avoid the conversation of whether we had previously used a Parkdale end of tenancy cleaning service, but offered me a free quote on our current cleaning package. It is important to note that it did not cost me anything to use their bond cleaning service, though I must say I felt that the level of professionalism within the Parkdale end of lease cleaning crew was a little low. However, their previous clients were impressed at their level of customer service, the bond they had signed with them and the clean, crisp atmosphere that emanated from the premises – they were impressed. This was good news for my clientele.

At around half past the agreed time of our cleaning works, the friendly cleaners called to say that they would be back the next day to finish up. Upon meeting up with the team of end of lease cleaners in Parkdale, I learnt that our previous deal was for the entire year, but that there had been a condition that if we decided to extend our contract, we would get a free upgrade to the next year. The cleaners had seen my clientele grow significantly over the past year, so it was obvious to them that they were able to profit from this arrangement too. Although not overly thrilled about this option myself, I can understand where the agreement is heading, so I will just leave it to the experts to decide whether or not it is a good option for you.

Once the end of tenancy cleaning in Parkdale, was delivered, I sat back with my coffee and watched the door bell chirp once more. Upon entering the property, we were greeted by a nicely dressed man in our new cleaning package. He handed me a thick folder filled with documents, which he informed me was his prerogative as the new tenancy cleaning company president. He asked if I minded having a look at the paperwork. Whilst it took a little time, I elected to do this so that he could go over the arrangements.

As soon as I handed him the folder, he told me that the end of lease cleaning in Parkdale is a simple process that only needed to be done once. It did not require any legal papers, but rather a simple bond. He handed me a slip which I duly returned to him, stating that I understood the process perfectly.

This end of lease cleaning in Parkdale was a breeze. The bond was simple and the paperwork was straight forward. I have been happy that I didn’t have to worry about any issues as the legal teams involved did an excellent job. There was little to no risk of any legal action taken by either parties. If there had been any wrongdoing on my part, there would have been little to nothing done, as the process would have continued with my previous renters.

This end of lease cleaning in Parkdale was perfect for me. Not only did I not have to worry about my previous renters anymore, but I also got my deposit back too. Now I have extra money to spend on something fun. It wasn’t hard to find a new place to stay in Parkdale. Once I was settled in, I even contacted the management companies about moving in.

For anyone thinking of looking into cleaning in Parkdale, I highly recommend you find an end of lease in Parkdale. It was a breeze, and if anything, they did an excellent job. If you want to get a good place for the length of your contract, I recommend you go through Local South Melbourne Cleaning that offers end of tenancy cleaning in Parkdale. If you are still unsure, I would suggest you check into it as there are numerous reasons to do so.